Announcing the launch of Red Hat Partner News on Demand

The way we are delivering news, information and updates to our Partners globally is changing as part of our long term goal to provide consistent, coordinated, meaningful communications to our Partners. That’s why we have launched Partner News on Demand. Our unique newsletter platform allows us to share unique, engaging content, targeted to your interests.

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Why is this good for you?

Instead of receiving multiple communications from Red Hat with content that may not be of interest to you, you can now select updates from your region, in your preferred language, and receive them at a time that’s convenient for you. 

Ready to select your newsletter preferences? Click here for a step by step guide.

When you see social media icons at the end of an article, that means you can share it. Simply click on an icon, add a brief introduction (if desired), and click to share with your LinkedIn and/or Twitter contacts. 

You can also come back to the ‘My News’ tab on the portal to search and view all the news and articles that have been published in the past six months.

Have questions? Visit the Partner News on Demand landing page on Partner Content Hub to learn more. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the new Red Hat Partner news experience!